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Dogs are very similar to humans  - Although the canine body has many similarities to the human, there are just as many differences. In my introduction to canine rehabilitation course we built a dog from clay. Knowing how the canine body weight bears, how the muscles work and the origin and insertion of the muscles, allows me to offer the best possible massage for your loved one. Just as with humans, massage effects all the systems of the body including: nervous, digestive, circulatory, muscular and endocrine, just to name a few. 
Dogs also have emotions like people, they feel pain and grieve. Just as with human's massage can help all of the systems of the body work more efficiently. It can help the dog with both emotional and physical issues. Dog massage is just as effective for our best friends as it is for us.

Dog Massage by Hope

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Massage for Pets and People - Specialized massage to target your pet's needs. Massage for just you, just your pet, or for both of you!
Massage for Pets and People - Specialized massage to target your
pet's needs. Massage for just you, just your pet, or for both of you!    
Who can get dog massage?
Dog massage is great for all ages and all types of dogs. For young dogs it helps them learn to be comfortable being touched. This can help with grooming and socialization. For mid-age active dogs it helps to alleviate muscle strain from jumping, running and everyday play. For older dogs it helps relieve joint stiffness, arthritis and other ailments that come as they get older.
Every massage is catered to your dog’s needs and well-being. Whether a toy breed or a large breed, young or old. Your dog will receive a customized massage just for him or her. 

Our many services:
  • Customized massage for dogs and their owners.  Every dog is different, I will sit down with you and customize a massage based on your dogs specific needs. This may include: massage to increase circulation, assist with lymphatic drainage, stretching, range of motion, different massage techniques such as effleurage, petrissage and cupping and more. I will also show you how to do professional massage techniques.
  • Acupressure point treatment to clear meridians, relieve pain and promote health. Specific points along the body are held to clear that pathway. These points are the same points used in Acupuncture however, no needles are used.  There are 12 meridians and 365 points on the body. Each point has a specific use. Chinese medicine has been using acupressure for over 3,000 years. *only a licensed veterinarian can use use needles and perform acupuncture on your dog.
  • Essential oils to alleviate both physical and emotional pain. I use 100% therapeutic grade oils. Oils can be used topically or inhaled. Essential oils have been used for over 6500 years. Eastern modalities still use oils to treat the root of a problem.  Oils are used in combination with massage and can calm and relax as well as reduce inflammation, heal wounds and help respiratory problems just to name a few. 
  • Canine athletic massage to assist your athlete with performance. I will teach you how to properly warm up, cook down and stretch your dog before and after their event. Whether agility, flyball, Frisbee or even dog park play, your dog is using different muscle groups to perform their job. I will feel your dogs muscles to see which ones are tight and help you to keep your dog from getting injured during their activity. We will also discuss concerns you have for your dog and design a plan that works for you. 
  • Canine exercise for just your canine friend or for both of you. I will teach you exercises to build muscle mass, increase strength, promote weight loss, increase circulation, strengthen the heart and to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Exercise also keeps your dog's mind working, which decreases anxiety, fear and restlessness.

Now Offering Canine Water Therapy

   Many of us have pools in our back yard. Does your dog know how to swim? In 2006, an estimated 10,000 dogs drowned in the U.S.  Since summer is here, we all want to spend time in the pool with our families which, of course, includes our four-legged friends. Hope LaMonica, owner of Dog Massage by Hope, has just introduced water therapy as one of the many services she provides your dog using the most comprehensive care possible. She will not only teach your dog how to be comfortable in the water, but also how to find their way back to the steps.  Some of the many benefits of water therapy include: 

Improved cardiovascular health.
Minimizes pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia.
Gives dogs with paralysis a feeling of “freedom of movement” and makes them feel independent since they have the feel of standing 
in the water when properly supported.
Decreases the recovery time from hip or other joint surgery.
Promotes weight loss.
Helps build coordination.
Puts less stress on the joints since it is non weight-bearing.
Increases circulation.
Promotes relaxation.
Relieves stress, fear and helps one feel free and whole.
Reduces edema.

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