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Hope is your holistic pet massage, pet health and dog spa service provider for hollywood dog massage, miami dog massage, broward dog massage and palm beach dog massage.Dog Massage Benefits: 
Relieves pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and
other ailments.
Alleviates stress caused by separation anxiety, vet and groomer visits, prior abuse, and loss of another pet.
Loosens tight muscles and increases flexibility and range of
Prepares body for surgery and reduces recovery time after surgery
or injury.
Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage to improve overall health.
Releases endorphins that work as the body’s natural painkiller and
provides a feeling of well-being.
Benefits young dogs as they learn to feel comfortable with people
touching their paws, which makes for easy nail cutting and grooming,
massaging their gums helps promote circulation and healthy teeth growth, and a full body massage relieves growing pains and helps build their immune system.
Older dogs benefit in that massage relieves aches and pains,
is useful in assessing your dog for any  physical changes, and helps
maintain their immune system.
Increases bone density and builds muscle mass.
Reduces edema
Agility, flyball, freestyle and all sport dogs:  Massage helps warm up the body in order to improve performance and reduce risk of injury, helps to cool down the body both mentally and physically. Massage and stretching pre and post performance helps in assessing the muscles for any changes and rids muscles of tension.


Join my many satisfied customers and pets and discover for yourself how massage has made such a huge difference for so many!

Working on Star's acupressure points to clear her sinuses

Why Dog Massage by Hope? - The choice is clear:
As a licensed massage therapist I have extensive training and familiarity with muscles and how the body works. I know how to feel for abnormalities and trigger points. I have studied canine anatomy and behavior. I started working with dogs in high school. I have been able to utilize my background with animals and my massage training to offer the best combination for your dog. I have developed an intuition which really allows me to  know where someone is experiencing pain. I have worked with thousands of clients, people and dogs and I have seen the improvement just one massage can make. 
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Letters from Happy Dogs & Their Owners

Hey there!  My name is Chloe, and I am the craziest white boxer you’ve ever met.  People say that I’m goofy looking, but I just think I’m loveable.  I’m three years old and still don’t want to grow up.  My mom says she thinks I never will.  I may be goofy, but I’m a heck of an athlete.  I jump over my best friend, Frankie, like there’s no tomorrow. People say I remind them of the Eveready Battery Bunny with my boundless energy.  The problem is that I don’t know when to stop, and sometimes I overdo it.  Hope takes care of me when I run too much and pull a muscle. I can’t decide which I love more….kissing Hope or her massages.  She has a way of making my sore muscles a thing of the past.  And they say I’m a delicate flower (I guess ‘cause I turn pink and puffy if I get an allergic reaction to a bug bite) since my skin is white and my coat is thin, so the massages also help my immune system.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m a therapy dog, so I have to be healthy to go visit the sick kids in the rehab center and the elderly in the nursing home?  Hope’s the bomb! 

My name is Daisy, and I’m a French bulldog with a super active lifestyle.  I’ve been lucky enough to get massages by Hope once a week for a while now. It’s the funniest thing…..when I see Hope coming into my house, I go absolutely NUTS, barking and jumping and just generally acting crazy.  And, for some reason, after my half hour massage, all my stress is gone (and you know how stressful it is being a French bulldog…lots of pressure there) and I’m totally relaxed.  Right after my massage, I fall into a deep sleep and am out cold the whole time my brother, Max, is getting massaged.  Of course, I always go first. 
Hope, thanks a bunch for coming every week to give me a totally exhilarating massage.  Oh, yeah, and Max likes his massages too, at least that’s what he tells me!

Licks, kisses and paws, 

My name is Frankie, and I am a Large Munsterlander…yes, I said Large Munsterlander, a bird dog which originated in Germany.  Although I am now retired from hunting and live in Florida, my life is busy, busy, busy.  I perform pet therapy every week for sick children and the elderly at nursing homes, I attend the Special Olympics in Broward County, and, as you can see by my picture, I also do some modeling of collars and stuff just for fun.  Unfortunately, at my young age of four, I have already been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.  I used to pull muscles and hurt myself all the time, but since I started getting regular massages by Hope, my muscles are getting stronger and stronger, and my muscles are stretched and strong enough so that I don’t get hurt any more.  And even though I’m supposed to be a tough hunting dog, I’m not used to Florida thunderstorms and they get me all nervous.  Hope has taught my parents how to diffuse her special oils that we use not only to calm me down, but also applied directly on me to help when I get pain (like that time I ran into a tree trying to catch my Boxer buddy, Chloe.)  All in all, it’s a win-win whenever Hope is around.  I’m liking this retirement gig in Florida!!!


Hope, we wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude for the therapeutic massages you have given Crosby for the past year.  You have definitely contributed to the quality and longevity of his life.  We can tell by the way he walks and runs and goes up the stairs after he has had a session with you.  I can tell immediately, as his tongue instantly turns healthy and rosy pink, indicating he is getting oxygen and blood throughout his body.  This is so crucial for him, as the laryngeal paralysis causes his breathing to be compromised, as well as getting blood and oxygen evenly flowing, so he can be comfortable. - We also appreciate your continuing education efforts to find more beneficial holistic remedies for Crosby.  The essentials oils have been so helpful in calming his separation anxiety.

Hi, this is Remi, she is a 10 yr old rotti/golden mix that has suffered with arthritis and mild h/d for years. I have tried everything, acupuncture, herbs, vitamin supplements. Truly the best results I have seen so far are from Hope's massages. She has only had 3 or 4 and I can already see a huge difference. She has more spunk, her eyes are bright n clear, she is playing a lot, even has jumped up on my lap (which is no small feat)
Remi's well being is Hope's priority, which is so evident in the way she works with her. Remi adores Hope and rolls on her back as soon as she comes in the door. I will continue to get her massages as I feel it is so important for her physical and emotional health.

Fibrocartilaginous embolic myelopathy or FCE is a condition involving necrosis (cell death) of a region of the spinal cord secondary to infarction (obstruction) of the blood supply. The infarction is caused by fibrocartilage, which arises from part of the intervertebral disc (the shock absorbing material located between bones in the spinal column) and enters a spinal artery or vein.
The above (FCE) is what my german shepherd mix Spencer suffered last year around this time. He slowly regained mobility in his rear legs but has never been quite the same.  He allowed(he is very shy) Hope to massage him after she finished with his "sister" Remi, (although Remi wasn't so happy bout that :) ))- in two quick 15 minute sessions, I have already seen a huge difference. He walks better, he is running more and is smiling too. Spencer was a very active dog and to have his mobility taken away was very depressing for him. I can see that over time these massages and aromatherapy will help him be his old self again.
Isabel Souchet ~ Hollywood, Florida

Hi there!  - I'm Lucy Poo, a teacup poodle born in 2002 with a congenital orthopedic condition called “Luxating Patellas.” In plain terms, that means “really bad knees.” It didn't bother me too much when I was a pup, but as I got older, I started to feel bad from degeneration in my knees and the resulting arthritis. My doctor said the only way to correct the problem was to have surgery.

I took pain medicaton to get some relief, and it did help some. But I just couldn't seem to get that “happy puppy” attitude back. Then, about a month before my surgery, I began seeing Hope Lamonica for massage therapy treatments. What a difference that made! Not only did Hope get me ready for the double-knee surgery by loosening up my muscles and ligaments, but after my first sesson with her, I felt so good that my human was able to reduce my pain medicaton. For the first time in months, I was able to play a little without any discomfort. It felt great!

After my surgery, I continued to visit Hope for therapy. Her treatments really helped speed my recovery by improving the range of motion in my knees and helping to preserve the muscle mass in my legs. As a result, I started walking better just a few days after surgery, And now, after a month of therapy, I'm able to romp and play just like I did as a puppy. I'm feeling great and my humans are so relieved to see me up to my old tricks again.

I still see Hope every week, and the big smile on my face must surely give away the fact that I'm in heaven when I'm in her hands! I highly recommend massage therapy treatment with Hope for any dog experiencing pain from arthritis, injury or just the everyday aches of old age … and, of course, surgical recovery. That human really knows how to treat a dog! She sure has made a difference in my life!

Happy Tails to All, 
Lucy Poo 

Dear Hope,

I wanted to drop a note and say “Thank you” for my wonderful massages.  Even though I’m 12 years old, I still want to run and play and chase squirrels.  But sometimes my back legs don’t always work so well.  But now that my master lets me get massages, I feel so much better (although my master still won’t let me chase those darn squirrels).

Thank you so much for making me feel better, Hope.  I can’t wait till you come to my house again and give me lots of attention.

Love and licks,

Dear Ms Hope,

Thank you for my wonderful massage today. You made me drool beyond my control…it felt sooooooo good! My mommy and daddy love me so much and they want only the best for me. When they saw that something was wrong with the way I was walking they called upon you for help. It was my first time ever getting a massage…I felt like a king! After you left, my joints felt so much better! I took a few long stretches and then chased my sister out in the yard for a bit. I got my spunkiness back (not bad for 12 years old). I licked my mommy and daddy a lot today; telling them that I wanted you to come back (of course all they heard were my wooo wooo’s). Mommy told me that she was going to have you come back next month – I think she understands my woo woo’s. I’m so happy and cannot wait to see you again!

Love and Kisses,

 i got the boys home and gave them breakfast around 10... i have 8 paws in the arm STILL and it's past 2pm...

 felix was even snoring and he never does that.... and his little wound is much better, so i can't wait to tell everybody...

 i've never seen them like this

thank you again!


Dear Hope,

My mom asked me to write you are thank you note for all you've done for me. 

Since I am an English Bulldog, I am already preconditioned to have hip problems. Plus, mom & dad live in a 3 story town home, so my joints were really starting to ache. My parents took me to a really good vet, and they wanted to put me on regular anti-inflammatory. This made me temporarily feel better, but Mom wanted to find a way to regularly fix the problem.I helped Mom research, and we found you.

Since you have started to see me on a regular basis, I am moving around like a pup. I am no longer being stiff when I get off and on the couch. Mom even says she thinks I am sleeping better! No more anti-inflammatory for me.

I am always excited to see you at my house, and tell all my friends at the dog park about you.

Thank you, Hope, for helping me feel better.


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