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Hope is your holistic pet massage, pet health and dog spa service provider for hollywood dog massage, miami dog massage, broward dog massage and palm beach dog massage.Dog Massage Benefits: 
Relieves pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, and
other ailments.
Alleviates stress caused by separation anxiety, vet and groomer visits, prior abuse, and loss of another pet.
Loosens tight muscles and increases flexibility and range of
Prepares body for surgery and reduces recovery time after surgery
or injury.
Increases circulation and lymphatic drainage to improve overall health.
Releases endorphins that work as the body’s natural painkiller and
provides a feeling of well-being.
Benefits young dogs as they learn to feel comfortable with people
touching their paws, which makes for easy nail cutting and grooming,
massaging their gums helps promote circulation and healthy teeth growth, and a full body massage relieves growing pains and helps build their immune system.
Older dogs benefit in that massage relieves aches and pains,
is useful in assessing your dog for any  physical changes, and helps
maintain their immune system.
Increases bone density and builds muscle mass.
Reduces edema
Agility, flyball, freestyle and all sport dogs:  Massage helps warm up the body in order to improve performance and reduce risk of injury, helps to cool down the body both mentally and physically. Massage and stretching pre and post performance helps in assessing the muscles for any changes and rids muscles of tension.

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